This is our story

Petit Praia is a brand of baby
products born in Barcelona.

We launched our first collection of textiles for little ones in 1983, with eyes on future and a clear shaking attitude. And so we’ve kept working over these years, with a evident commitment to design, quality and functionality.

Petit Praia is a team of people who not only cares about job well done, as our main goal is to make best products with best quality, but also making nice things. Heading it, there is Remei Casas, founder and CEO of the company, as well as creative director, strength and soul of this beautiful project.


made in barcelona

Our products are manufactured in Barcelona, ​​with the collaboration of companies and workshops of our country. That’s why we can guarantee top quality, respecting ethical values ​​of work above all.



We are firmly committed to
design to be involved with
a more beautiful world, but
also more practical and functional.


Babies first

First things first. And for us, first are babies, as they need and deserve the best. So we make our products with natural fibers, such as cotton 100%, to ensure the comfort and safety of children.